Our offer

The commercial offer includes unexplored cuttings, rooted cuttings, semi-finished and finished products of the following plant species:

• Begonia Elatior - among others Barkos and Netman breeders Koppe and BBA, and unlicensed varieties
• Syringe (Gloxin) - cultivars of their own breeding
• Poinsettia (Bethlehem Star) - varieties of Selecta Klemm breeding
• Streptocarpus - unlicensed varieties

Begonia Elatior Grupa Barkos

Begonia Elatior Grupa Elektra

Begonia Elatior Grupa Ilona

Syningia (Gloksynia) Rośliny o kwiatach pustych

Syningia (Gloksynia) Rośliny o kwiatach pełnych

Poinsecja – Gwiazda Betlejemska