About us:

"Flora in vitro" is a modern family horticultural farm located in Dębowiec, near Jasło. Our achievements and experiences have been accumulated for three generations. Initially, we dealt with the production of vegetables and flowers for the local market. The postwar period favored rather the accumulation of experience and the improvement of production methods, rather than its intensification.

Year 1986 has become a breakthrough in our business. In the newly launched laboratory we started the production of tissue culture tissue culture and breeding works on new varieties of Syringia (Gloxinis). Several years of breeding work resulted in new lines of varieties of single and full flower Synerias, of which 5 were registered under the names Wojtek, Doris, Domino, Rhodes and Porto.

We have the exclusive right to produce these varieties in Poland.

We are also a licensed producer of Begonia Elatior and Poinsettia seedlings from the nurseries of Dutch and German breeders. Our participation in the National Horticultural Exhibition in Poznań in 1998 was a great success, where we received a gold medal for Synergy and Begonia. At present the farm has modern greenhouses with a total area of ​​6000 sq m, equipped with a system of flooded tables and specialized equipment for the production of pot plants.

The introduction of modern technology ensures production safety. As a result, it is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Since 2004, our company has been a shareholder in the "Kwiaty Polskie" Producer Group, which makes our products available in almost all over the country. We are currently implementing new investments to facilitate the loading and transport of our products, and further expansion of greenhouses is planned. Raising the quality of products and services is the driving force behind our actions.

Dorota and Kazimierz Dabrowski